Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ink security tag. There could be room for this idea to be applied to business security. e.g. smashing a window or braking a perimeter causes the tag to burst generating evidence or rendering something useless

Eve Ensler on security (TED)

"Security is elusive, it’s impossible. We all die, we all grow old, we get sick, people leave us, and people change us. Nothing is secure."

An interesting talk which talks about security.
Over the top security products already exist but can they actually be functional?
Imagine remote surveillance you could access and use from the comfort of your home?

This concept is not impossible, the US army are already using remote vehicles like this to carry out tasks such as surveillance.
A nice concept which uses unusual means to create a barrier which if crossed causes an inconvenience.

The principles behind this design could be applied to my final design.
Making it harder to complete the intended task.
A concept for an intelligent street light which only emits light when needed, when people are around.

Light could be the answer to combating the night time crime.
The concept that a scarecrow works on could also be a possible route to look at.

Playing with light is far from new, perhaps something like this would help create a surprise element?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Board Idea

This is an idea I had for the design of snowboards.

The idea is that the outside edge of the foot would be raised in order to help line up the foot with the leg. I believe this would help to improve the comfort of board stance but am unsure whether it would have a positive or negative effect on board control because obviously the toes and heels are being raised away from the board edges.
This idea came to me a couple years ago when I started snowboarding and was playing around with my binding set up to try and make it comfortable.
Let me know what you think?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Buildings which rise or fall, blocking entrys or making it harder to gain entry.
Obsticles apear when alarms sound.
Low level security cameras which capture images unexpectedly.

Taking the aspect of surprise from other security products like the outdoor light and applying them to other products.


A concept for a desk lamp which has a great deal of potential to function outside as a spot light.
Perhaps this could be developed.


A service based business which aims at delivering essential security advice and information to businesses.

Could be a practice solution, however I would prefer if my output for the project is a product and not a service.


Surfaces which act as recording devices.


Texture is an important part of how we interact with our environments. They can cause us to make decisions on what we buy, wear and even eat, with this in mind I am considering the texture of objects being used to manipulate people’s actions?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Out of Place

Out of place products may seem like a silly idea but people react differently to product and circumstance?

This relates back to semiotics which I spoke about in a previous post.


Surfaces which act as recording devices.

I Thought I Saw . . .

Products which to the unfamiliar look like people or in this case guard dogs ?

Reinforced Warning

This idea help to conceal the windows but also puts to use dead space creating
optional signs which can be displayed at night and turned away during working hours.


Placebo products that appear to be something they are not.
Sounds playing and lights moving at night imply the presence of others.

Directional Drivers

Obstructions and intentional objects within an environment to push people in different directions.
For example, gravel makes noise when walked over and isn’t an ideal route if you want to remain unnoticed.

Colour & Shape

Red triangle warn

Colour & Shape

Blue rectangle inform

Colour & Shape

Red circles prohibit

Monday, 15 February 2010

Making a security light with the added benefit of sound when activated is a great idea which already exists in the residential market.

I am unsure why this has not yet made the transition to the industrial market because this feature could increase the effectiveness of a security light product increasing the important surprise effect.

Who's There?

The personal aspect to security could create some interesting concepts.

Security objects which could convey human characteristics

Trips which trigger low level lights for example like a torch would perhaps convey an illusion of presence?
Using light and colour as warnings is not new, could something like this warn off criminals?

Colour Associations

Green = GO
RED = . . .

Some tests have proven that by adding blue street lights in city centres where there are high levels of violence it is posible to actually reduce the amount of violent crime.

Would red lighting have the same deterrening effect and cause people to stop what they are about to do?

This may be worth further investigation.
Road marking which act as territorial markers reinforcing the transition from semi-public to
semi-private but would conflict with road traffic markings.

Light beams

Is it possible to communicate to others that there are people present at different areas of a city or town?

Vertical beams of light which indicate someone’s presence in an industrial estate to others elsewhere is one way but has a number of different problems like levels of light pollution and disturbing planes.

Community sites

Perhaps industrial sites which are more like a community than individually owned areas would help to convey a move substantial sense of ownership.
The use of a combination of research theories could cultivate much more controlled environments instead of the current fenced off plots of land which tend to create areas of segregation.

Also, should these areas be declared as private property? Surely declaring the space as public creates the chance of encounter.

Protection - Detection - Response

A trap which works with multiple triggers would improve detection and could help to establish a much better response.
A fly trap works by using small hairs on the inside open surface.
First a fly lands on the this surface and hits a single hair, which alerts the plant to its presence, and then the time between the fly triggering a second and third hair establishes how quickly the fly is moving and dictates how quickly the trap closes.

A great example of biomimicry then if . . .
Trigger 1 alerts the owner to the presence of someone on the property
Trigger 2 alerts the authorities
Trigger 3 alerts the intruder that he has tripped an alarm, by which time the response is already in motion.

This is not unlike some of the theories put forwards by Bruce Schneier, who talks about security as a triangle which relies upon the next side in order to function effectively.

Protection - Detection - Response

Man Trap

The original box trap ?
Is simple security the answer?

Home Alone

Perhaps the answer to security lays in the everyday? Using what's around you in order to secure what is rightfully yours.

However there would be some legal issues surrounding home-grown security products so this is probably one avenue I won't explore further.


Semiotics, also called semiotic studies or semiology, is the study of sign processes (semiosis), or signification and communication, signs and symbols, and is usually divided into three branches:
Semantics: Relation between signs and the things to which they refer; their denotata
Syntactics: Relations among signs in formal structures
Pragmatics: Relation between signs and their effects on those (people) who use them.

These factors tie in well with some of the theories I have read through as part of my research and help to make clear the meanings that people can obtain from objects, which is what some of the concepts are intended to portray

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Red lines which travel the length of the business park act as boundary with open areas highlighting entry points.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Generic signs for each business within the same industrial estate create a sense of unity.

Monday, 8 February 2010


After the show, and a visit from the external examiner I have been thinking about where my projects is going? What the output will be? And how I will get there?

The route I am thinking about is, looking at how we as humans interact with our environments, because my entire project is focusing on the environments people work in and the environments that intruders encounter.

I want to try to generate concepts relevant to senses like sight, sound, and touch in order to create objects or environments that will reinforce my findings.

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A nice idea for a spaghetti holder.
Cool extending wall socket

Xuan Yu's clever Rethink hanger.